In order to get closer to our potential users, we decided to get into the Windows Store. Honestly, our EasyLy Team had no experience developing apps for the Windows Store or promoting them there. We had to make it up as we went =)

EasyLy is a standard app for Windows (exe-file), written in .NET. One does not simply publish an app on the Windows Store. You can only upload apps which were developed for the METRO-interface or those that have been specially converted, as Microsoft announced this spring. From standard EXE to appx. This format should be universal in new versions of Windows 10.

Thus, we set to work. On MSDN we found and studied the latest information about a converter to adapt .NET apps to apps for the Windows Store. We did our research and gave our testers what they needed to install the converter, namely Windows 10 Insider Release, and applications for conversion. We also had to switch EasyLy over to .NET Framework 4.6.1 to work with Windows Store.

Once we converted EasyLy, we decided, just for kicks, to launch a test version for another version of Windows 10 (standard Windows 10.0.10586.318). The result was quit upsetting…EasyLy worked for a second and disappeared. As an experiment we made the simplest of apps which was only one window of text. Once again failure; it just flashed and disappeared.

WHAT THE ....?

The error that showed up when we tried to upload the converted test version to Windows Store gave us a clue about what was wrong.

Apps converted to appx will work only on Windows 10, starting from version 10.0.14257.0 (the version that converter works on now). So, Microsoft will not let us upload our app to the Windows Store yet?

Microsoft confirmed that converted applications, such as EasyLy, cannot be uploaded to the Windows Store or run on Windows until the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been released, which will be summer of 2016.

We used a VM (virtual machine) with Windows 10 Insider Release (version for testers), launched EasyLy as app from Windows Store and…*voila* it worked!

As soon as Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is released, we will upload our app to Windows Store. Now we are working on other tasks and trying to make EasyLy even better =)

EasyLy VS Windows Business Store …to be continued this summer!..


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